ROX FIX Chromogenic Assay

23 July 2019

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Product Code: 900020

Size: 2x60 test kit

The ROX FIX Chromogenic Assay is used for the determination of Factor IX activity in plasma and Factor IX preparations, including potency assignment of FIX concentrates.



  • No FIX deficient plasma required
  • Easily adapted to the major coagulation analysers



  • Reconstituted reagents can be frozen for up to 12 months
  • Competitively priced



  • A chromogenic kit based upon FXa generation avoids false results which may occur with Silica based APTT assays (Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis 2016;14:1420-1427)
  • Low batch to batch variation so results are highly reproducible
  • Performance tested on all new generation drugs.
  • Suitable for use with clinical samples, FIX concentrates including recombinant materials
  • Detection Limit: 0.1% FIX (CLSI EP17-A)
  • CE marked






Rox FIXa

Product Code: 950030

Rox FIXa is a chromogenic kit for quantitative determination of preactivated Factor IX (FIXa) in human Factor IX concentrates.


Rox FIXa & FXIa Controls and Calibrators

Product Code: 9588



Product Code: 9599