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VetExpert’s Specialist Veterinary Rapid Diagnostics

VetExpert’s mission is to support global veterinary professionals and pet parents in their daily decisions concerning pet care measures and therapies so every animal can look, feel and perform at its best. VetExpert products are now chosen by vets, breeders and pet owners in more than 20 countries.

In Poland, VetExpert ranks as the most trusted brand among veterinary doctors. The high quality and effectiveness of their products have been numerously acknowledged and awarded. The concept “VetExpert. Based on evidence” guarantees visible results supported by scientific evidence. No other brand offers such a broad range of specialist Rapid diagnostic lateral flow tests for dogs, cats and livestock

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SMT-120V Fully Automated Veterinary Biochemistry Analyser for Animal Health Diagnosis

SMT-120V Fully Automated Veterinary Biochemistry Analyser

The SMT-120V is a state-of-the-art, fully automated touch screen veterinary biochemistry analyser for animal health diagnosis. With three easy steps, you can test up to 35 parameters at once with precision reference laboratory quality results in just 12 minutes, enabling diagnosis during consultation.

QC and calibration occurs automatically and in real time during analysis, with no need to add diluents or centrifuge. The cartridge mould guarantees consistent test sample and dilution volumes, eliminating random error and cross-contamination.

  • Easy To Use: Simple 3-step operation
  • Accurate: Photometric colorimetric principle
  • Fast: Only 12 minutes to results
  • Micro Sample: 100ul whole blood, serum or plasma
  • Portable: Only 5kg
  • Low Maintenance: No centrifugation, pumps or valves
  • Multi-Parameter: Up to 35 testing parameters

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