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Easy Reader+® Immunochromatographic Test Reader


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Easy Reader+® Immunochromatographic Test Reader (36200) is a POC reader allowing quantitative measurements from fingerprick whole blood samples using rapid lateral flow tests. Manufactured by VEDALAB.

Product Brand:
Product Code: 36200

The Easy Reader+® instrument is a quantitative lateral flow immunochromatography analyser. The Easy Reader+® installation kit includes the analyser and the software that lets the operator actuate the evaluation processes, regulate the functioning, storing and moving measurement results database. The Easy Reader+® analyser is intended to provide a quantitative immunochromatography assay result for a wide range of otherwise purely qualitative rapid test devices to increase the accuracy and efficiency of the home, point of care, and laboratory testing of the relevant marker analytes.

View the range of Quantitative tests available for the Easy Reader+® HERE

Assay Processing:

  1. After the specimen is dispensed into the assay device, a device-specific incubation time must elapse before a reading can be made. You can time the incubation time yourself, or set the EasyReader+® device to count it down.
  2. When the incubation time elapses, the instrument shines a green LED light onto the surface of the membrane of the assay device. The green light is used for evaluation and serves to increase the contrast of the potential discoloration by effectively subtracting the white background from the image.
  3. A CMOS camera takes a picture of the oval test window of the device, using the light from the LEDs. The image processing software scans the resulting image, detects any discoloration, and calculates the average saturation of the colored area on the membrane.
  4. The microprocessor compares the average saturation value detected in the image to the preset device-specific cutoff ranges to arrive at a semi-quantitative test result.

Benefits include:

  • Flexible user interface SW : Easy mode and advanced mode
  • Stand alone HW : integrated printer, touch screen, barcode reader and CCD camera
  • Optimal communication :
    – Interfaces : USB A, USB B, Ethernet, RS232
    – Supported protocols : HL7, LIS2-A2
  • Data storage : last 1, 000 results with images
  • Adaptable system : Multilingual, web upgrade SW, usable with AA batteries (portable)
  • Cost effective : affordable instrument usable with a very wide range of tests… and many more to come !
  • Many languages available (English, French, German, Spanish, etc.)
  • Possibility of qualitative tests measurements

Parameters include:

FSH, HCG, HCG, IgE, Insulin, LH, PSA, PSA, T3 Total, T4 TOTAL, TSH, HS-TSH, Ultra-TSH, AFP, Beta-hCG, CA125, CEA, CK-MB, CRP, CRP, HS-CRP, FABP,  Cystatin C, HS-Insulin, D-Dimer, Ferritin, FOB, Troponin I, Microalbumine, Myoglobin, Procalcitonin, Prolactin, HS-Prolactin, etc

Product Specification
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Easy Reader+® Immunochromatographic Test Reader
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1 x 1 unit

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