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BIOPHEN™ Anti-Xa (221005) is a two stages Anti-Xa chromogenic method for the Heparin activity measurement on plasma or purified medium, according to Pharmacopeia (USP, EP). Manufactured by HYPHEN BioMed.
Product Brand: HYPHEN BioMed
Product Code: 221005
The BIOPHENTM ANTI-Xa (2 Stages Heparin Assay) kit is a chromogenic anti-Xa method, developed for measuring Unfractionated Heparins (UFH) and Low Molecular Weight Heparins (LMWH) in plasma or in purified solutions, for their Anti-Xa activity. The BIOPHENTM ANTI-Xa (2 Stages Heparin Assay) assay is a method based on the inhibition of a constant amount of Factor Xa (FXa), by the tested heparin in presence of exogenous antithrombin (stage 1), and hydrolysis of a Factor Xa specific chromogenic substrate (CS11(65)), by the Factor Xa in excess (stage 2). pNA is then released from the substrate. The amount of pNA released (measured at 405 nm) is then a relation of the residual Factor Xa activity. There is an inverse relationship between the concentration of heparin and color development. Heparin + AT [AT Hep.] [AT Hep.] + [FXa (excess)]  [FXa-AT-Hep.] + [residual FXa] [residual FXa] + Substrate  Peptide + pNA
Product Specification
Specification TypeSpecification Value
Product RangeHaemostasis
Product Code221005
Product NameBIOPHEN™ Anti-Xa
Product CategoryAntithrombotic Drug Assays
Product BrandHYPHEN BioMed
Analyte or ApplicationHeparin
Size3 x 2 x 1 ml
Storage2°C to 8°C