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Thrombodynamics Control Kit

Thrombodynamics Control Kit (C3) is an in vitro diagnostic kit used for quality control procedures. Manufactured by HemaCore.
Product Brand: HemaCore
Product Code: C3
Control Kit intended for professional use in the laboratory on the Thrombodynamics Analyser T-2F or T-2T. Please see this link to see how to run measurements on Thrombodynamics Analyser Systems T2-T and T2-F.
Product Specification
Specification TypeSpecification Value
Product RangeHaemostasis
Product CodeC3
Product NameThrombodynamics Control Kit
Product CategoryHemacore T-2 Analyser, Kits and Controls
Product BrandHemaCore
Analyte or Application3D Clotting & Thrombin Generation
Size1 x 1 unit
Storage2°C to 8°C