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VetExpert Rapid Test BoviD-4 – 5 Tests


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VetExpert Rapid Test BoviD-4 – 5 Tests (TBOVI5) is a quadruple test for differentiating the causes of calf diarrhea based on the immunochromatographic method, that allows with high accuracy to determine the presence of Cryptosporidium, E. coli, rotavirus and coronavirus in the feces of calves. Manufactured by VetExpert.

Product Brand:
Product Code: TBOVI5

The result of the BoviD-4 test gives an information about the health situation of the herd:

– E. coli K99 (ETEC – enterotoxic strain) indicates the poor quality of colostrum, improper milking of the calf or lack of specific, protective antibodies. Infected calves need electrolytes and irritation therapy.
– Cryptosporidium – requires targeted therapy, not only the patient as an individual, but all of the calves of the group. When the problem is present in the herd it is recommended to apply preventive vaccinations from first days of calves’ life.
– Rotavirus/Coronavirus – in infected calves should be started an irrigation therapy and electrolytes should be replenished. Calves should also receive ingredients activating the regeneration of intestinal villi (eg Lacthydravo).

Test result in just 10 minutes!

Product Specification
Specification Type
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Product Name
VetExpert Rapid Test BoviD-4 – 5 Tests
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1 x 5 tests
Product Storage
2°C to 30°C
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VetExpert - Based on Evidence

VetExpert - Based on Evidence

Distributed by Quadratech Diagnostics in the UK, the VetExpert brand includes rapid diagnostic tests, supplements, diets, care products, professional products for veterinary medicine and RAW PALEO – a line of high-meat foods for everyday nutrition of dogs and cats. Research conducted by the renowned Kantar * company in March 2021 proved that in the category of supplements for dogs and cats, VetExpert products are most often recommended by veterinarians and enjoy their greatest trust.

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