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Check-1 Ferritin Quantitative Rapid Test for Easy Reader+® 15mins


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Check-1 Ferritin Quantitative Rapid Test for Easy Reader+® 15mins (25091) is an immunochromatographic rapid test for the quantitative detection of FRT (ferritin) in whole blood, serum or plasma Manufactured by VEDALAB.

Product Brand:
Product Code: 25091

Ferritin is the form in which higher animals store iron intracellularly. It is present in all cells, with the highest concentrations in the liver, spleen and bone marrow (1). Ferritin is a protein consisting of 24 polypeptide subunits (Mr 450,000) assembled in the shape of a hollow sphere with an outer diameter of 12-14 nm. Stored iron is held within this sphere. Clinical trials have shown that serum Ferritin determination may be used for the diagnosis of iron deficiency anaemia (2, 3). As iron deficiency develops, iron stores are depleted before anaemia becomes apparent. Serum ferritin is useful in detecting iron store depletion as the concentration drops to very low values (4, 5, 6).

FRT-CHECK-1 test is a rapid quantitative assay for the detection of human FRT in serum, plasma or whole blood. The method employs a unique combination of monoclonal-dye conjugate and polyclonal solid phase antibodies to identify FRT in the test samples with a high degree of specificity.

As the test sample flows through the absorbent device, the labelled antibody-dye conjugate binds to the FRT forming an antibody-antigen complex. This complex binds to the FRT antibody in the positive reaction zone (T) and produces a pink-rose colour band.

In the absence of FRT, there is no line in the positive reaction zone (T). The reaction mixture continues flowing through the absorbent device past the reaction zone (T) and control zone(C). Unbound conjugate binds to the reagents in the control zone (C) producing a pink-rose colour band, demonstrating that the reagents are functioning correctly.

Product Specification
Specification Type
Specification Value
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Product Name
Check-1 Ferritin Quantitative Rapid Test for Easy Reader+® 15mins
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Product Size
1 x 20 tests
Product Storage
4°C to 30°C

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