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NEQAS Blood Coagulation Annual Scientific Meeting September 2012


Prof Greinacher’s recent work on highly immunogenic complexes of negatively charged heparin and positively charged platelet factor 4 has identified potential PF4 binding structures on Gram negative bacteria.  Preimmunisation of patients by PF4/bacteria complexes may help to explain the unusually early ant-PF4/heparin IgG response during heparin treatment, i.e. this is a secondary immune response.


We have available, 2 versions of Zymutest HIA IgG assay, a 96 well and 32 well specific IgG antibodies to Heparin/PF4 and protamine sulphate


We also heard a very lively presentation from Professor Samama Paris, France/country-region>/place>on laboratory tests in patients treated with the new oral anticoagulants.  Prof Samama has been investigating the options available to test these new oral anticoagulants, Dabigatran, Rivaroxaban and Apixaban and also to see what influence they may have on existing assays.  He concludes that test results should be expressed in ug or ng/ml of plasma using plasma calibrators to be compared with expected values according to the dose administered, with the maximum and minimum levels used to determine responsiveness and drug accumulation.


The Biophen DTI and DiXaI chromogenic assays and the Hemoclot TI can be used with the plasma based calibrators and controls for Dabigatran and Rivaroxaban


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