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Intergrated Solutions: Cell Penetrating Peptides

CPP Bioconjugation

Non-invasive delivery of biological molecules including therapeutic and imaging agents is a novel mechanism that is currently being sought in drug delivery and development. Cell penetrating peptides offer an ideal approach to this research field and several of them have been exploited for this purpose.

Bio-Synthesis provides a full spectrum of high quality, Custom Peptide Synthesis and Bioconjugation Services by selectively functionalizing your biomolecules and crosslinking with specific CPP peptides. Read more–


  • Oligonucleotide-CPP for gene silencing
  • siRNA-CPP polyplexes conjugates for gene silencing
  • Protein-CPP for vaccine development
  • Peptide-metal chelator-CPP for in vivo molecular imaging
  • Liposome-CPP intracellular delivery of liposome drug
  • Gold Nanoparticle-CPP
  • Ferrocenyl amino acid-CPP conjugates
  • Other conjugates: small drugs, dendrimers, genomic DNA

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