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Check-1 LH Quantitative Rapid Test for Easy Reader+® 10 mins

Check-1 LH Quantitative Rapid Test for Easy Reader+® 10 mins (5091) is an immunochromatographic rapid test for the quantitative detection of LH (luteinising hormone) in whole blood, serum or plasma. Manufactured by VEDALAB.
Product Brand: VEDALAB
Product Code: 5091
The Luteinizing hormone (LH) is a glycoprotein produced by the anterior pituitary in response to luteinizing releasing hormone (LH-RH) secreted by the hypothalamus. In women the LH and FSH (follicule stimulating hormone) are subject to the complex ovulation cycle. The increase and release of LH appears 12 to 18 hours before ovulation occurs. In men, LH stimulates the intersticial cells (Leydig cells) to produce testosterone. L-CHECK-1 is a rapid quantitative assay for the detection of human luteinizing hormone LH in whole blood, plasma or serum samples. As the test sample flows through the absorbent device, the labelled antibody-dye conjugate binds to the LH binding site, forming an antibody-antigen (LH) complex. This complex in continuation binds to the anti-LH antibody in the positive reaction zone (T) and produces a strong pink-rose colour band. In the absence of LH, there is no band appearing in the positive reaction zone (T). Unbound conjugate irrespectively of LH concentration binds to the reagents in the control zone (C), producing a strong pinkrose colour band, demonstrating that the reagents are functioning correctly.
Product Specification
Specification TypeSpecification Value
Product RangeRapid and POC Tests
Product Code5091
Product NameCheck-1 LH Quantitative Rapid Test for Easy Reader+® 10 mins
Product CategoryQuantitative Rapid Test Cassettes for use with Easy Reader+®
Product BrandVEDALAB
Analyte or ApplicationLH
Size1 x 20 tests
Storage4°C to 30°C