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Bio-Synthesis Inc. Introduces "BNA-NC"

14 December 2012

The third generation of 2',4'-BNA-NC contains a 6-membered ring with a N-O bond between the 2'-hydroxyl and the 4'-carbon of the ribose moiety. It exhibits very strong binding affinity to complementary single stranded RNA, DNA, and double stranded DNA with a highly sequence-selective mode. In particular, the binding ability to complementary RNA is significantly high. BNA-NC also possesses great stability due to its nuclease resistant properties. (Follow the full Press Releasehere.)

BNA Features

*       Improved hybridization selectivity and specificity

*       Increased thermal duplex stability

*       Enhanced allelic discrimination

*       High biological stability to nuclease and protease

*       Superior antisense inhibition and potency

*       Flexible probe designs regardless of GC content

*       Easily adaptable to many DNA or RNA detection system


*       Antigene inhibition

*       Inhibition of RNA function

*       Real-time/ qPCR

*       SNP detection /allele specific PCR

*       In situ hybridization

*       DNAzymes and Ribozymes

*       Biosensor and more