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Schistosoma Mansoni

Schistosoma Mansoni (9600) is an ELISA kit for the diagnosis of human schistosomiasis. Manufactured by Bordier Affinity Products.
Product Code: 9600
Two hundred million people are suffering from schistosomiasis in sub-topical areas. Patients become infected when bathing in contaminated fresh water. The disease is confirmed by microscopy when eggs are detected in stool or urine samples. However when the worm burden is light or during the invasive phase, few or no eggs are excreted. In such situations the serodiagnosis is a useful complement to parasitolgical tests. The diagnosis of human schistosomiasis using the ELISA kit is intended for travelers with frequent contacts with fresh water returning from endemic areas, for travel companions of confirmed cases, to post therapeutic controls and to control programs in endemic areas.
Product Specification
Specification TypeSpecification Value
Product RangeParasitology
Product Code9600
Product NameSchistosoma Mansoni
Product CategoryParasitology Kits & Reagents
Product BrandBordier Affinity Products
Analyte or ApplicationSchistosoma mansoni
SizeKit of 96 tests
Storage2°C to 8°C