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Our Range of World Leading ELISA, Immunoblot and Rapid Immunological Test Kits

Our offering of Bordier Affinity Products SA and LDBIO Diagnostics laboratory kits for the diagnosis of parasitic and mycologic infections includes ELISA kits for the diagnosis of human toxocariasis (visceral or ocular larva migrans syndrome), diagnosis of human strongyloidiasis, and detection of both cystic and alveolar echinococcosis.

Our user friendly online product catalogue allows users to filter by product category, analyte or application, size or storage. Each product has it’s own dedicate product page with specific product information with links to clinical applications.

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Bordier Affinity Products SA ELISA Kits

Bordier Affinity Products SA, a small biotech company located near Lausanne (Switzerland), has been developing and producing laboratory reagents and kits for the diagnosis of parasitic and mycologic infections since 1991. Collaborations with academic institutions combined with extensive expertise in biochemistry, mycology and parasitology allow the company to offer products of premium quality.

Features and advantages of Bordier Affinity ELISA kits:

  • Easy to use ELISA format, robust and easily automated
  • Convenience, as everything required is provided in the kits, including cut-off control serum
  • Breakaway wells offer true cost-efficiency
  • Confidence in results due to high sensitivity and specificity
  • European manufactured in Switzerland
  • Unique assays from an established high-quality manufacturer
  • Manufactured with a shelf life of 20 months
  • Quality control data: from all lots, up to date and published on the web
  • Quick, available and responsive customer service
  • CE marked, MHRA and FDA registered

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