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Toxocara Western Blot IgG (24T)


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Toxocara Western Blot IgG (24T) (TXA-WB24G) is a single use qualitative test of serological IgG diagnosis by Immunoblot Assay of toxocariasis intended for confirmatory testing of a positive or equivocal result obtained through classic screening tests. It can be performed on sera, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) or aqueous humour. Kit of 24 tests.

Product Brand:
Product Code: TXA-WB24G


The Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS) in France as well as the American Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommend the immunoblot for the confirmation of serodiagnoses  (Argumentaire HAS, 2017DPDx, Toxocariasis, 2019).

Several studies demonstrated the effectiveness of the Western Blot compared to the ELISA for the diagnosis of toxocariasis, thanks to its high performances in terms of sensitivity and specificity (Artinyan et al., 2014Zibaei et al., 2013).

In order to answer the demand, LDBIO Diagnostics developed a reliable test based on the Western Blot technique. Associated with highly sensitive natural E/S antigens, the TOXOCARA Western Blot IgG test is a robust confirmation technique of classical screening tests.

The TOXOCARA Western Blot IgG test has a specificity of 100% for the specific bands between 24 and 35 kDa. Sensitivity, better than ELISA’s, cannot be evaluated with certainty, as there is no precise definition of toxocariasis cases (large number of asymptomatic forms and serological scars) (Logar et al., 2004Fillaux et al., 2013).


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Toxocara Western Blot IgG (24T)
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Kit of 24 tests
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2°C to 8°C
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