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Check4® Menopause


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COMING SOON Check4® Menopause (11066AG) is a quick, accurate and easy-to-use test for the detection of the menopause. The test can be performed at home with no need to send away for results! Manufactured by Check4®.

Product Brand:
Product Code: 11066AG

Quick, accurate and easy-to-use home test!

The menopause is caused by a modification of the hormonal balance in a woman’s body. This change arises generally around 45 years of age, but true signs are observed around 55 years of age. An irregular menstrual cycle is the early indication of the beginning of menopause (peri- menopause). The follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) is a hormone which increases during menopause. Check4® Menopause can detect the presence of FSH in urine as soon as the concentration goes up from 25 mIU/mL and over.

The kit contains the material necessary to perform two tests:

  • 2 sealed aluminium protective pouches each containing: 1 test device, 1 dessicant pouch.

All our Check4® range of self-test products are:

  • CE-Marked for home self-test use
  • Made and Evaluated in France
  • Easy-to-use and easy to read results
  • Accurate and trustworthy
  • Quick with results in a matter of minutes
Product Specification
Specification Type
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Check4® Menopause
Product Category
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Product Size
1 x 2 Tests
Product Storage
2°C to 30°C
Product FAQs
How does the Check4® Menopause test work?

In women, the average hormonal cycle lasts 28 days. The FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) secretion induces the follicle maturation, and LH (Luteinizing Hormone) secretion induces ovulation. The determination of FSH and LH level is indicated for the detection of amenorrhea and anovulatory cycles. Menopause arises at the mean age of 51 years old, i.e. between 45 and 55 years old depending on the individuals.

Menopause is caused by a significant change in the balance of hormones. An irregular menstrual cycle is often the first sign of menopause. Other signs like hot flushes, insomnia, palpitations, mouth ulcers, gingivitis, hair loss, vaginal dryness, osteoporosis, chills or excessive sweating could indicate menopause. The Check4® Menopause is a test for the determination of high levels of Follicle Stimulating Hormone in urine which is an indicator of menopause.

Check4® Menopause test uses a pair of antibodies for the specific detection of the human FSH. A control line capturing the excess of reagent appears in the control zone of the test. In case of positive result, it means that the FSH concentration is higher of 25 mIU/mL (as determined against W.H.O.* reference).

*World Health Organisation

When can the test be used?
When is the best time of day to perform the test?
Is it possible to get incorrect results?
I left the absorbent tip in urine for more than 10 seconds. Will I get an accurate result?
I left the absorbent tip in urine for less than 5 seconds. Will I get an accurate result?
What should I do if the result is positive?
What should I do if the result is negative?
Should the test be used as contraception method?
Will discontinuing my hormonal contraception affect the result?
I have reached the age to be menopausal. I have performed the test which gave a positive result was positive but my menstrual cycle duration is still regular. Why?
How accurate is Check4® Menopause?
What if I don’t wait the full 10 minutes before reading the test?

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