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11 October 2011
In September 2010 amongst the dreaming spires of Oxford's Magdalen College the topic of 'Micro and Nanovesicles in Health and Disease' was explored.

This two day meeting was organised by Professor Ian Sargent and Dr Paul Harrison of Oxford University.

Delegates from around the world were present to listen to researchers and companies involved in this exciting area talking about what could be measured and how. Presentations were given on microparticles and tissue factor, exosome biology, various activity assays, flow cytometry, atomic force microscopy, microparticles in cancer and pre-eclampsia.

It seems that measurement of particles by current methods may only be looking at the tip of the iceberg and many fascinating areas have yet to be explored with new sizing and activity assays on their way.

Amongst a number of prestigious speakers Jean Amiral, from Hyphen Diagnostics, gave a presentation about Microparticles and ways to measure them.

Jean Amiral Presentation

It was a thoroughly enjoyable, if somewhat mind-bending meeting.