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5-ENZYME Convulxin

5-ENZYME Convulxin (5D-67111) is an enzyme extracted from the venom of Crotalus durissus. Convulxin activates human platelets via binding and clustering of the GPVI-receptor, the major signalling receptor for collagen. Manufactured by 5-Diagnostics.
Product Brand: 5-Diagnostics
Product Code: 5D-67111
Convulxin from Crotalus durissus terrificus is a protein, which activates blood platelets via binding and clustering of GPVI-receptors under physiological conditions. MW: 84 kDa non-reduced, 14 and 16 kDa double band on reduction.
Product Specification
Specification TypeSpecification Value
Product RangeHaemostasis
Product Code5D-67111
Product Name5-ENZYME Convulxin
Product CategoryBioreagents
Product Brand5-Diagnostics
Analyte or ApplicationConvulxin
Size1 x 50 µg
Storage-18°C to -22°C