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Coatest® APC Resistance-V (Genotype)

Coatest® APC Resistance-V (Genotype) (82312063) is an APTT-based kit for screening of Factor V (FV)-related APC resistance (80 - 160 determinations). Manufactured by Chromogenix.
Product Brand: Chromogenix
Product Code: 82312063
An APTT-based kit for screening of factor V-related APC resistance. High discrimination between genotypes with 100% sensitivity for FV:Q506. Reduces need for PCR determination and applicable to anticoagulant treated patients.The high sensitivity and specificity of the test for the factor V:Q506 mutation is obtained by prediluting the sample plasma with an excess of V-DEF Plasma. The test design makes it possible to discriminate between heterozygous and homozygous factor V genotypes. It also allows for analysis of plasma from patients on heparin or oral anticoagulant therapy. One volume of plasma is prediluted with four volumes of V-DEF Plasma. The dilution is then incubated with the APTT reagent for a standard period of time. Coagulation is triggered by the addition of CaCl2 in the absence and presence of exogenous APC and the time for clot formation is recorded.
Product Specification
Specification TypeSpecification Value
Product RangeHaemostasis
Product Code82312063
Product NameCoatest® APC Resistance-V (Genotype)
Product CategoryAPC Resistance
Product BrandChromogenix
Analyte or ApplicationFactor V
Size1 x 80 tests
Storage2°C to 8°C