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Calibrators and Controls

20 January 2020

Product Code: Various

Sizes: Various

Quadratech Diagnostics offers an extensive range of anticoagulant calibrators and controls, including the various forms of Heparin, hirudin-like substances and DOACS.

The complete range of calibrators and controls are standardized against WHO International Standards (when available) for the measurement of the various proteins involved in the regulation of blood haemostasis and thrombosis as well as for anticoagulant drugs.

  • Conform to UKAS Accreditation with Third Party controls
  • All control/calibration materials are CE marked
  • Suitable for use with all assays
  • Available in different pack sizes making them cost-effective
  • To eliminate drug interference in patient plasmas prior to testing, DOAC-Remove and DOAC-Stop tablets are now also available
  • Protocols for many automates are available on request.